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Scott is highly experienced in helping investors find great properties that generate cash flow for his clients.

Investment properties require special expertise that your average realtor might not have. We love to educate investors and help them purchase the right portfolio of investment properties.

With reasonable prices and rents at all time high’s, the Phoenix Metro area is the perfect place to acquire investment properties to secure your financial future.

Whether you are looking to fix and flip, or build your rental portfolio, we have the experience you need on your side to start growing your real estate portfolio.



There are many ways you can start investing in real estate. You few common ways are:

— Fix and Flip

— Buy and Hold (Rental Property)

— Become a Hard Money Lender

— Invest in Notes (mortgages)

Each investors needs are unique and should be carefully considered before you choose a route of real estate investing. But we know from experience helping other investors that real estate can be a lucrative and rewarding way to grow your investment portfolio and generate additional income.

Contact us today to discuss your unique situation and let us help you find the perfect properties to help you grow your investment portfolio through real estate.



Scott Harris has helped us (my wife and me) purchase five investment single-family rental properties in the Phoenix area. He has been always been professional and dependable. Very easy to work with. We’ve also appreciated his investment advice. I highly recommend Scott as a great real estate agent.
Whit Washburn

Whit Washburn

Real Estate Investor